Thursday, October 19, 2006

James T Kirk

Captain Kirk's middle name is "Tiberius."


DeLiA said...

Me gustó tu blog y aunque está en ingles lo entendí super bien...
Son detallitos triviales pero me entretuve, ademas es un buen dato el saber que el Capitan Kirk es James Tiberius Kirk
De seguro mis amigos no lo saben, ni siquiera los que han sido fanaticos de la serie.


Susan said...

Hi! Ok, so I tried to translate this online because my Spanish is "muy mal."

This is what I got from Babel Fish, and I fixed it up a little:

"I liked your blog and although it is in English I understood it very well... They are trivial little details but I entertained myself, ademas[?] is a good data the knowledge that Kirk Captain is James Tiberius Kirk ;-)

For sure my friends do not know it, not even those that have been fans of the series."

So It's super cool to me to have an international reader! Yay! Muchas Gracias para los comments! ;)